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What You Should Know Before Meeting an Interior Designer

My main point for this would have to be that interior design should not be stuffy and scary and only accessible to those with deep pockets! Here at Emma Wood Interiors, we do all sorts of shapes and sizes of spaces. Interior design should be entirely approachable, with the ultimate goal of making the client's home reflect their personal style and preferences.

Meeting an interior designer

Before meeting with an interior designer, there are a few things to keep in mind! If you're considering working with an interior designer, it's important to ask about their process and what they can offer you. This might involve creating a Pinterest board, sharing inspiration from a favourite hotel or bar, or simply discussing specific feelings or moods you want to capture in your space. The key is to make sure that the designer has a clear understanding of your requirements and preferences before diving into the design process. With open and honest communication, we can create a design plan that brings your vision to life and creates a space you'll love to live in.

Discussions with an interior designer

My 7 Top Tips for Meeting With an Interior Designer

Here are some tips to assist you in preparing for a successful consultation:

1. Know your goals

Before the consultation, take some time to consider your goals, which will help you give the designer a clearer direction. Whether you are downsizing your living space, raising a young family, or have a pet joining the family, knowing your goals will enable the designer to incorporate your past with your future. Here at Emma Wood Interiors, we are all about making spaces that a comfortable, functional and fun, creating spaces that last more than 6 months!

2. Have a rough budget in mind

Determine your budget before the consultation as this will help the designer work within your financial means. You can write a list of furniture pieces you need and research the prices on various decoration and furniture websites to ballpark figures.

3. Have a process for decision-making

Involve all decision-makers in the consultation to save time and to ensure that everyone's needs are met. It's my job as an interior designer to help marry two seemingly opposing styles or ideas, so it's better to have all parties present!

4. Have an awareness of your daily routine

It's helpful to share your lifestyle preferences with the designer. This information gives the designer an overview of how to make your home functional for your day-to-day life.

Planning interior design

5. Be Honest! Share your habits and needs

The initial consultation is a judgment-free zone, so be open and honest! As an interior designer, I want to make you happy in your space, so sharing your coffee addiction, your obsession with Harry Potter or your collection of glass globs from your trips around the world can help us come up with some tasteful ideas.

6. Discover your style preferences in advance

Take some time to explore your aesthetic before the consultation. As mentioned above, is there a hotel or bar that you like the interior of, or was there a sofa you saw in ‘Idea Home’ Magazine last Sunday that you would like in your home? Share your ideas with the designer, and this will help your interior designer reflect these preferences in your project.

7. Come with an open mind

Once you've given your designer a clear direction, be open to new ideas and solutions. Trust your designer to bring some fresh perspectives that you may not have considered! After all, is it their profession and not their first rodeo!

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If you're looking for an interior design consultation, Emma Wood Interiors is the perfect choice for you. Remember, interior design should not be intimidating, and you don't need to have a large budget to benefit from our services. Our studio offers a wide range of interior design services and we also provide an online consultation service for those who want to discuss their ideas and get some expert advice. If you're interested, please don't hesitate to contact us today and we'll be delighted to assist you.