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Maximising the Natural Beauty in Your Home

When trying to maximise the natural beauty within your home or specific room, you are designing it's best to see the space empty. Fortunately, when going into a client’s home, I can visually see the space empty it's a skill I have picked up over several years in the industry! Seeing the space clear you can really see what you are working with and enhance or better appreciate these elements within your home. Now, let's dive into some of these natural features!

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When you enter a room, take a moment to observe how natural light enters it. Is it from a small north-facing window or is the room south-facing with a beautiful bay window? If the room has limited natural light, you can use layered lighting to enhance the space. Consider using lamps to create cosy reading corners or LED strips around a bookshelf or built-in seating. You can also use reflective surfaces such as mirrors, glass, or glossy tiles to bounce natural light around the room. This could also be said about the colours you choose for the walls and furniture as darker shades absorb natural light. In one of our recent projects, we even painted the bedroom floor white, which not only increased the natural light but also gave the room a fresh and chic hotel-like feel.

Natural Features

Looking at the natural features of the house. Often, my client might think it's a featureless space, but once you take out the furniture and the fittings are removed, there are often unique features that they haven't considered: mouldings or unusual windows for instance. And if there aren’t natural features, we can create them! I always think about eyeline and what catches your attention when you walk into a room; that is a key part of my design process.

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On the point of windows! What's the location of the house? Is it by the beachside home or is it in the countryside? The natural beauty that surrounds your space and is often framed by your windows, which can influence your interior space. Whether that is the colour scheme or possibly the type of interior style you are influenced by more. A recent ski Chalet project was influenced by its lovely location in the French Alps and the architectural features of the property, where we embellished the space with rustic woods, warm metals and natural textiles to create a cosy atmosphere. The perfect place to come back to after a day on the slopes!

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Whether it's maximising a home's natural features or capitalising on existing elements such as a brick-clad wall or an unusually shaped room, I ensure that every aspect of the space is utilised to its fullest potential. Contact Emma Wood Interiors today to get started on your next interior design project!