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2023 Round-up

It has been a really busy and exciting year with a lot of varied projects, both residential and commercial. This year's big takeaway is that although everyone is tightening their belts, it doesn't mean people aren't looking to enhance their interiors! Our clients are being very considerate in their choices, and we are there to react and help find the best solution for their spaces, ensuring that no costly mistakes are made in the process!

2023 round up

I also have noticed a growing trend that aligns with our studio's values of sustainability - reusing. When approaching a new project, we encourage our clients not to dispose of their older furniture but instead to reuse it by mixing and matching old and new pieces and repurposing them to fit into their newly curated space. We recommend reupholstering cherished furniture pieces to give them a new look, rather than discarding perfectly good pieces and benefitting their eco-footprint.

This year, I've also seen an increase in guided shopping trips to auction houses and antique fairs. During these trips, I help clients purchase unique and beautiful pieces that they wouldn't typically find on the high street. These pieces not only have a history to them but ample character and patener to them, which can work great in a new space with more modern pieces.

The team

As a studio, we're incorporating more eco-friendly practices into our design process for both residential and commercial projects. We are using sustainable, natural fabrics and fibres, as well as eco-friendly paint brands. We have also partnered with a charity to pass on furniture that people no longer want rather than disposing of it. What is the charity?

In terms of trends, I have noticed a significant shift away from grey colours. As a studio, we do not promote following trends as we believe that homes are best created for individuals rather than following the latest fashion, as we believe this approach encourages throwaway culture. We have, however, seen an increased appreciation for craftsmanship and locally made goods that are built to last. We always encourage our clients to purchase from local artists, artisans, or craftsmen instead of big brand stores.

Residental projects

It has been a wonderful year full of fun and excitement, and myself, and the team at Emma Wood Interiors would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our clients and suppliers for an amazing 2023. We are excited to share the numerous exciting projects we have planned for 2024! If you are seeking assistance with your interiors, please do not hesitate to contact us. We still have some availability!

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