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Hotel Chic at Home: Elevate Your Bedroom Retreat

“How can I create a hotel-like atmosphere at home?" you ask. Well, a lot of it comes down to smart storage solutions. The beauty of a hotel room is that everything is organised with no clutter. Let's dive into the art of achieving a hotel-chic look in your bedroom.

Hotel Chic at home

Make Your Bed the Feature

The main attraction in a hotel room is often the bed, which is usually very comfortable and adorned with a stunning headboard. We often achieve this look for our clients by upholstering the headboard and adding a matching valance; this is a cost-effective way of making the bed look more expensive as you can have a basic sturdy bed underneath. High-quality white bed linen will create a crisp, clean look that accentuates the headboard. To complete the bed centrepiece, add a feature cushion or a long bolster cushion that matches the room's colours and provides an extra layer of colour and luxury. It's also nice to have a throw at the end of the bed, perfect for those afternoon naps when you don't want to get fully under the covers! This layer of textures adds an indulgent feel to your space.

Feature bed

Artistic Statements

If you're not opting for a feature bed, you can still achieve the look with captivating artwork that acts as the vocal point for the room and ties the room together. Whether it's a statement piece above the bed, a curated gallery on an accent wall or a sculpture, art adds character and elevates the overall aesthetic.

Colour pallet

A key characteristic of a hotel-chic ambience is a thoughtfully selected colour scheme. In our more recent projects, we have opted for a simple palette consisting of white and blue for one room and white and red for another. However, we enhance the rooms' appearance to achieve that hotel chic look by incorporating various textures and patterns that give the room a luxury feel.

Clean pallet

Clever Storage Solutions

The hallmark of a well-designed hotel room is its lack of clutter. Embrace this ethos by ensuring ample storage throughout the bedroom. Concealed storage options keep day-to-day items neatly tucked away, allowing the bed and artwork to take centre stage as the room's focal points.

By focusing on these elements, you can transform your bedroom into a haven of hotel-chic elegance. It's not just about aesthetics; it's about creating a retreat that invites relaxation and indulgence every time you step through the door. And who doesn't want that in their everyday life?


Lighting has a significant impact on creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. I have discussed the importance of lighting in interior design in another blog (read here), but for achieving a hotel chic look, it is essential to experiment with light and shadow. Instead of using a bright overhead light, you can add character and softness to your space with lamps, which can be placed on a bedside table or a bookshelf near your favourite reading spot. You can also place lamps below mirrors to reflect the light and create a twinkling effect around the room (this is a trick often used in hotel lobbies!).

Sensible storage

Use these tips to help create a touch of luxury in your home. If you are unsure of how to execute them, why not have an online consultation with our studio? We can talk through your space and provide you with some useful pointers to ensure you get the most out of the space for your needs and lifestyle. Book today!