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Creating the Ultimate Colour Scheme

The ultimate guide to creating a stunning colour scheme. Well, actually, I don't really think there is a guide! I think that colour is so subjective and particular to each client that there are no rules to follow. A client's preference in colour can come from an assortment of influences from their upbringing, interests, style preferences and so on.

Colour nature wallpaper

I think it's all about me, or any other interior designer, listening very closely to the client, looking at pieces of art and textiles they love, places they love to go and visit and using this information to the ultimate colour scheme for them! They could love the Aegean blue of the sea, the ice-cold tones from a recent ski trip or Morrigan terracotta. It’s very, very subjective, and it's up to me to either find complementary or clash colours depending on the client and how it fits in the space.

The ultimate colour scheme

Influences on colour choice

Before talking to an interior designer, it might be a good idea to think about and gather the art and textiles that you like. This will help your interior designer have a better understanding of your preferences. The initial colour scheme of a room can be influenced by various factors such as architecture, lighting, and environment.

The Architecture

If a room has features like exposed brick metalwork or low ceiling, medallions or Victorian coving, these architectural features can impact the colour palette you choose for the space. They add character that you might want to enhance or contrast in the space with colour. For example, in a recently completed loft-style apartment, the exposed original brickwork massively influenced the colour of the kitchen, which was black, and the sofa colour in the lounge, which was rust. These colours worked perfectly with the brickwork.

Bathroom Textures


Natural lighting can influence the way a colour appears in a room. For instance, if your room faces north, the colour might look darker, while if it faces south, the colour might appear to change throughout the day. The type of light bulb you use, whether it's white, yellow or coloured, and the kind of lighting affect the way colours appear too. You can learn more about lighting in this journal post…. But it's something to bear in mind when choosing a colour scheme!


It's wonderful to find inspiration in nature and the endless colour palettes you might find in your garden or favourite spring walk! We used this approach in our Georgian Rectory project. Working closely with the client, we reinstated the period details, including panelling and reclaimed oak floors, and used complementary colours throughout. The design perfectly aligns with the architecture of the building and seamlessly connects the interior to the beautiful countryside surrounding the house in the South Downs.

The ultimate blue colour scheme

Alternatively, you may look at your personal style or the furniture you already own. You may have been subconsciously drawn to these colours for a decade and would like to incorporate them into your home interior but don't know where to start; that is where Emma Wood Interiors Studios is happy to help! Contact us today for a free consultation.